A Communications and Commercialisation Strategy will raise TURNKEYs international profile and strengthen its national standing by ensuring that the project’s breadth of research results, data general information and outputs, are made accessible to the wider public.

The main aims of the strategy will be to:

  1. Encourage and support Knowledge Transfer (KT) in order to maximise the economic and social impacts of the project’s knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the University and its partners, locally, regionally and internationally.
  2. Promote, publicise and raise awareness across the academic and industry partners of all aspects of KT (economic development, provision of policy advice and public engagement) and to embed KT activities into every research grant application and funded research project.
  3. Increase the levels of KT by encouraging intrinsic rewards through promoting partner participation and developing a shared objective to achieve a high performance project.
  4. The project will attract and retain high quality staff at all levels through encouraging KT and providing the staff training and support required for them to engage in KT and commercialisation activities.

The reasons for TURNKEY engaging in KT are:

  1. Direct income generation via exploitation of research and other activities.
  2. Public demonstration that the partner is making valuable contributions to the local, national economy, EU economy and society in general via its research.
  3. Provide opportunities to those academic staff wishing to engage in KT and commercialisation of their research outputs.

These actions will enable project sustainability in terms of activity and results, by ensuring that the research it provides is relevant, useable and wanted by the wider academic, industry and government community.